Using the best quality raw materials;

We Produce Healthy

Using the best quality raw materials;

We Produce Healthy


Quality Raw Material, Effective Formula
Experienced Team, Sustainable Products

Agora Kimya ; It started to operate in 2006 with the second generation representatives trained by 35 years of experience.
It started its production with pool chemicals and added water treatment, drinking and utility water, food hygiene and sanitation, medical hygiene and sanitation, out-of-home use, personal care and household cleaning products.


At Agora Kimya Academy, which we established to provide training to our business partners and their teams, we both explain our products and organize training programs about pools and chemicals. With our technical trainings given by expert chemists and chemical engineers, we support our business partners to create more conscious, higher quality works.

We always work
to achieve better results.

► Safety
► Respect
► Excellence in Our Operations
► Transparency & Integrity
► Innovator

Agora Kimya, which closely follows the developments in the sector and customer needs with our own R&D Laboratory, conducts new product studies in the light of up-to-date information, and in this way, we always follow an innovative path that is open to development.

At Agora Kimya, every raw material that comes to the factory is analyzed and accepted in the R&D laboratory, the necessary quality controls of the raw materials are made, witness samples are taken and analysis reports are prepared for each raw material. Analysis documents prepared for each product whose production is completed in the factory are sent to our customers via e-mail before the product reaches the customer.